Photograph: Standing Tall, Cuban Portrait, Print.

Standing Tall

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Walking along the streets of Cienfuegos, Cuba, I watched as this man walked along the street pushing a wheelbarrow of rocks and boulders. The heat was incredible that day and here was a giant of a man, 6ft something and rising, smoking a cigar and personifying the word cool in the tropical heat. I stepped across to ask if I could take his picture. He stopped, put down the barrow and stood in front of me. I shot three frames. I had the picture straight away. I shook his huge hand and thanked him, he smiled when I showed him the picture. He then took up his wheelbarrow and continued his journey.

Black and white signed, photograph printed on premium quality archival photographic paper.

Print Size: Portrait, 16 inches x 24 inches. 

Photographer: Andy Scaysbrook