Space Age Lost by Toni Peach

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Space Age Lost by Toni Peach
Professionally printed on C-Type Gloss paper by The Print Space, London.

Vasiliky Island, St Petersberg.

"As a travel and street photographer, I venture extensively to the major cities of the world, often veering off the beaten track and far away from the main tourist attractions.

The Post Soviet Space still has plenty of great stories to tell aside from the onion domes, commemorative statues and brutalist architecture. As Communism rapidly fell and Capitalism took over, so much simply got abandoned. The way to find this kind of location for the best results was to board a tram, local bus or the metro and either get off at the last stop or just ride around keeping an eye out for some interesting photogenic possibility.

I found this place in the back streets of Vasiliky Island in St Petersberg. It is a control booth in a car park yet there was hardly any cars. A middle-aged man in uniform had made this place his domain, possibly remembering the promise of a fabulous space-age future for Russia that was never realized, hence the photo’s title, Space Age Lost."

This photograph appeared in FRAMES Magazine alongside an interview with Toni where she explains more about her process and how she found this unique place. 

Colour photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper. Image is 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide without a border. 

Photographer: Toni Peach.