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Female in Focus by 1854 Media

Female in Focus. A Celebration of Women in Photography brought to you by 1854 Media, Part of the British Journal of Photography.

Female in Focus by 1854 Media

1854 Media and the British Journal of Photography are two of the world's leading sources for photography. The guide, which has the same title as their inaugural award for female photographers, aims to "highlight the exceptional quality of work by female photographers around the world, and to demonstrate how the photography industry is working to achieve gender equality".

With 80% of photography graduates, but only 15% of professional photographers, being female, it's clear this is an important move for the industry.
The guide showcases some of the women making waves with their cameras and advice on how to get started and, more importantly, get ahead in this male dominated world. 

You can download 'Female in Focus: A celebration of women in photography' here:
Female in Focus Guide for female photographers