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Rome IV by Tatiana Kuzyk.

Rome IV by Tatiana Kuzyk.

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Rome IV by Tatiana Kuzyk
Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

Rome IV. Italy, 2016.
This photograph is a part of the ‘Threshold’ series that reflects on the architectural landscape of Rome - a time capsule of the ancient, perpetually interwoven into the present moment. The juxtaposition of the iconic and ubiquitous - the fragility of the once monumental structures, now in desperate need of care and protection - stirs up questions of mortality and timelessness.

Just as all other images from my ‘Threshold’ series, the two photographs, Rome IV and Rome V, were also captured in Rome during Christmas of 2016. The main theme of the series - the juxtaposition of contrasting time frames - is also woven into these photographs. The metaphorical frame (in both images the ancient Roman arch) for objects belonging to different historical periods becomes a context for a deeper inquiry.

Colour photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper.

Photographer: Tatiana Kuzyk.