Toni Peach

Photo Collage Artist & Street Photographer

Toni Peach Collage Artist & Street Photographer

Toni Anne Peach became an artist fairly late in her life. After working as a painter and decorator, a gardener, a masseuse, a care worker, barmaid, and also volunteering in the community sector, she took time out at the age of 32 to travel the world. Toni developed an understanding of the art of photography through a combination of visiting the world's art galleries and travelling in India. Capturing her experiences of stunning landscapes, incredible people and the rich sense of colour infused into all walks of Indian life, she gradually amassed a huge catalogue of images. Toni continued to travel extensively in Turkey and Eastern Europe where post-Soviet subjects, industry and brutalist architecture became the focus of her photography. 

Back in Leamington Spa, England, Toni set up a community art gallery which was all about supporting non-professional photographers and artists, often people struggling with mental health issues. She staged many group exhibitions and set up workshops which focused on art therapy, leading her to move into the medium of collage and mixed media. 

The process of collage involves collecting vintage magazines and books found in the flea markets of Eastern Europe, car boot sales and second-hand shops and working with the themes of evolution, narcissism, domesticity, medication, freedom and flight.  

Now working using collage and photography with people who have learning disabilities, Toni has recently started to paint and sketch. Never producing art through a desire to sell, these images have rarely been available for sale. Toni also never sells original collages as they all represent parts of her own self-expression and socio-analysis. 

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