Nature Embraces by Toni Peach

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Nature Embraces by Toni Peach
Professionally C-Type printed on Matt paper.

St Petersburgh, Russia, 2017 
Part of the "Marginal" series.

One of the most common fears of mankind is the unknown aspect of death. I have always felt that this image resonates with so many viewers from all walks of life simply because it suggests the very simple message that nature will gently protect us when that moment comes.

The photograph was taken in a cemetery in St Petersburg, Russia. There was a derelict part of the graveyard wherein many graves were broken and long since forgotten in a mostly waterlogged area. Yet this tree somehow took on the job of protecting one particular grave.

I spent many years trawling around various cities of this world during a long period of detachment. I was never interested in mainstream tourist places and I found myself gravitating towards the marginal areas of society. It was only looking back retrospectively that I understood that so many photographs now have a much deeper meaning than I originally saw.

  • Colour photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper.
  • Image is 20 inches (50.7 cm) wide without a border. 

Photographer: Toni Peach.