Rome XI by Tatiana Kuzyk.

Rome XI by Tatiana Kuzyk.

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Rome XI by Tatiana Kuzyk
Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss 

Rome XI. Italy, 2016.
This photograph is a part of the ‘Threshold’ series that reflects on the architectural landscape of Rome - a time capsule of the ancient, perpetually interwoven into the present moment. The juxtaposition of the iconic and ubiquitous - the fragility of the once monumental structures, now in desperate need of care and protection - stirs up questions of mortality and timelessness.

I captured this image on Christmas Day. Just as the sun was about to set, its almost deep golden light was softly touching facades of the centuries-old buildings on one of the shortest days of the year. I felt humbled by being able to witness the
juxtaposition of another day coming to its end over the city that has been called ‘Eternal.’

Colour photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper.

Photographer: Tatiana Kuzyk.