Seat II by Tatiana Kuzyk.

Seat II by Tatiana Kuzyk.

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Seat II by Tatiana Kuzyk.
Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

Seat II. Zurich, 2015.
This image is part of ’Seat’, a collection of photographs that attempt to discover a deeper essence within an ordinary object by contemplating the shapes and semi-obscured intricacies of unoccupied outdoor chairs.

The images were published in 2016 in my book ‘B&W shorts: SEAT’ (Available on  An excerpt from the introduction follows: ‘This book is a collection of photographs depicting a mundane subject of patio and garden chairs captured during a late fall. No longer occupied, their unobscured shapes, texture, and grey tones captivate attention and allure the observer to discover unexpected intricacies of both, their own essence and the immediate surroundings’.

Black & White photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper.

Photographer: Tatiana Kuzyk.