Struppi And His Hat by Susa Solero

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Struppi And His Hat by Susa Solero
Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

Germany, 2017

Struppi is the dog of a friend of mine and totally cuckoo. We were shooting at my friend's house in an old swimming pool from the 50s. I was sitting on a ladder at that moment. The whole time he wanted to get into the pool and he was confused because he didn't understand why there was no water in there.
What I love about this picture is the combination of the dog and the hat which gives me this French movie feeling from the 60s. Because his head is framed from the mirror in the back it could also be a big photo hanging there but when you look a little to the left you can see him from behind, then you realize it's not a photo of a dog but a real one and then again it IS a photo because that's what you are looking at right now.

Black & white photograph printed on premium quality photographic paper.

Photographer: Susa Solero.