Bonhams Photography Auction, May 2020

We're late to the party with this one, but wanted to share it anyway - you have a week left to arrange your second mortgage!  Bonhams have an online auction of photography with a talent list that reads like the who's who of photography through the ages. 

Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits by Eva Arnold
Marilyn Monroe, The Misfits by Eve Arnold. Lot 171. £1,600 - £2,400

Ansell Adams, William Eggleston, Steve McCurry, WeeGee, Bill Brandt, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Wolfgang Tillmans, Peter Lindbergh, Terry O'Neill, David Bailey, Norman Parkinson - even some Henri Cartier Bressons! 

And for a change, there's a smattering of girls flying the flag, too. Although less of each of their images, you can find lots by Eve Arnold (Magnum), Lotte Jacobi,  Diane Arbus, Marjorie Content, Barbara Kasten, Lynn Davis, Martine Franck (Magnum), Mary Ellen Mark, Ruth Orkin, Sally Mann, Ruth Bernhard, Berenice Abbott and Ilse Bing. 

Mia Farrow by Diane Arbus
Mia Farrow by Diane Abus. Lot 159. £8,100 - £12,000

Ranging from a bottom estimate of £570 to a high estimate £48,000, there are 176 lots in total, by 106 photographers, 13 of who are female - a mere 13%!  Still, there are some beautiful and iconic images among them, worth a look through the catalogue for a lockdown, stay-at-home photography gallery experience. 

It would be a rare exhibition in any situation, seeing all these names in one place. 

You've got a week left - Enjoy!

In the meantime - Here Come The Girls...!

Musicians in Frankfurt by Ilse Bing
Street Musicians, Frankfurt by Ilse Bing. Lot 144. £5,700 - £7,300

Symbiosis by Ruth Bernhard
Symbiosis by Ruth Bernhard. Lot 12. £3,200 to £4,800

At My Mothers House by Sally Mann
At My Mother's House by Sally Mann. Lott 15. £4,000 - £5,700

Tirya Castelbolohnesi on Drainpipes by Ruth Orkin
Tirya Castelbolognesi on Drainpipes by Ruth Orkin. Lot 17. £4,000 - £5,700

Swimming Pool by Martine Franck
Swimming Pool, South of France by Martine Franck. Lot 75. £3,200 - £4,800

Tightrope Walker by Mary Ellen Mark
Belen, Tightrope Walker by Mary Ellen Mark. Lot 18. £1,600 - £2,400

Salvation Army Band by Marjorie Content 
Salvation Army Band by Marjorie Content. Lot 143. £3,200 - £4,800

Sphinx by Lynn Davis 
Sphinx by Lynn Davis. Lot 112. £3,200 - £4,800

Head of Dancer by Lotte Jacobi
Head of Dancer, Niuta Norskaya by Lotte Jacobi. Lot 163. £1,600 - £2,400

Automat, NYC by Berenice Abbott 
Automat, New York by Berenice Abbott. Lot 114. £4,800 - £6,500

Construct NYC-9 by Barbara Kasten
Contruct NYC-9 by Barabara Kasten. Lot 130. £4,000 - £5,700

Visit the Bonhams Photography Auction.