Extended: The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection

Photograph: Man Ray, Glass Tears (Les Larmes), 1932
Elton John has been collecting photography for years, amassing over 8,000 pieces of original work for his private collection, a small part of which is now on exhibition at the Tate Modern, Southbank, London. Following a decision by the Tate to extend the popular 'The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection', the exhibition now runs until 21st May 2017, so you've still got time to catch it, and its well worth the visit. 

The exhibition features over 150 photos from 70 artists taken between the 1920's and 1950's, including pieces by Man Ray, Brassai, Imogen Cunningham, André Kertész, Dorothea Lange, Tina Modotti, and Aleksandr Rodchenko. 

It's an eye-opening selection of work, some of it documentary, some fashion, some pure art; 'Migrant Mother' by Dorothea Lange sadly still topical 80 years on. 

Photograph: Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, 1936.As Sir Elton says of Collecting PhotographyI often go around private galleries and collections and I see all the big obvious photographs by the masters, which are great, but I’m thinking, where is your personal selection? Where is the art that cost $150? …That’s the great thing about photography – you can walk into a gallery and see something that’s really beautiful and inspiring and it will cost you, well, 500 quid.

Lets hope Elton is still looking for great photography. Does anyone have his number? 

Venue: Tate ModernBankside, London SE1 9TG
Closing date: 21st May 2017
Cost: £16.50, free for members.

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