Top 10 Most Instagrammed Countries - August 2017

In this age of permanent connectivity & social media, if you’re into photography, travel, or even cupcakes, there’s no getting away from Instagram, although Facebook is still the giant in terms of volume of users worldwide.

Personally, I lost the love for the platform when I discovered how many tricks are available to buy or unethically grown your follower base. And there seems no way around it. Applying hours of your time to growing a loyal fan based image by image will still take you decades to reach the heady heights Instagrammers with less, erm, patience (and virtue).

However, its still a great place to find some really lovely photography (100 Prints is on there, after all!) and to research your next trip.

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With that in mind, we've gathered the top 10 most Instagrammed countries to date (Aug 2017) - perfect fodder for your travel bucket list.

Here goes, we think you’ll be rather surprised by the results!
(Instagram, August 2017, countries by hashtag, e.g. #india)

1. Japan

64.4 million

2. Italy

64.2 million

3. Dubai

54.9 million

4. Indonesia

52.1 million

5. USA

51.7 million

6. Thailand

41.7 million

7. France

40.8 million

8. Kuwait

37.4 million

9. Australia

33.9 Million

10. Mexico

32.5 million


#venicecarnival by Med Student, @bengukaracayir on Instagram
#venicecarnival by Med Student, @bengukaracayir

#japan and #italy tend to swap places during the year with Italy winning the game towards the end of the year and up until Venice Carnival and #japan tends to take over around spring time when the Sakura Cherry Blossom blooms and Instagram becomes awash with pretty pink flowers like this one by hair-stylist @dianapayton of Stockholm, Sweden

#japan by  hair-stylist @dianapayton of Stockholm, Sweden.

Tiny little #dubai comes in at no.3, beating behemoths #indonesia and #usa – a surprising achievement for a country that’s only 4,114 km2 (In comparison, the UK is 42,495 km2). And it's no surprise with images like this in every glamorous seafront venue, taken & shared by Dubai resident, @dubaijason.

#dubai by Dubai resident, @dubaijason


Watch out for the '10 Least Instagrammed Countries' for those who prefer a ‘road-less-travelled’, selfie-free escape.

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