New: Elephants enjoying Bath Time at sanctuary in Nepal

Photo: Bath Time by Andy Scaysbrook. Elephant sanctuary, Nepal.
Bath Time by Andy Scaysbrook for 100 Prints.

This amazing image by Andy Scaysbrook was shot in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. The rescued elephants are from a sanctuary that is run to protect the population in the area, providing shelter and a safe haven for these magnificent beasts. 

Every day the elephants are walked through the jungle at dawn and down to the river for their daily wash. They absolutely love bath time! 

The elephant being washed here, is the father of a young calf who was playfully swimming around Andy. The Mother is in the background keeping an eye on proceedings.

"They are remarkably gentle and very much in tune with their keepers who have an incredible relationship with them", says Andy.

"Getting up close and personal with these unique animals is an experience I will never forget." he recalls.When I'd finished shooting my pictures the keepers encouraged me to swim with the calf. I swam within full gaze of her parents who stood calmly watching me. It was an amazing show of trust and a truly moving experience."

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